Perfect community gardens for your lazy sims

Tired of having to work hard to garden and seeing your plants die ? Tired of having to wait for getting perfect plants ? There is an easy solution. This tutorial requires a sim that can plant cheese, eggs, steaks, burger patties, with these 4 ingredients in inventory plus plasma fruit(s) and carrot(s) – as these 6 plants are unavailable in buydebug, using the buydebug cheat, and having DebugEnabler installed.

Notice that if your sim never had the opportunity to plant cheese, eggs, steaks and burger patties and you have Into the Future installed, this expansion broke skill opportunities. You need the Into the future opportunity phone call fix mod to fix the issue.

First, choose a lot of your choice that your sim must own or buy. If you wish to adapt your garden to any lot size so you can build as you wish after, choose a small size that allows planting all plants. Without store plants, 10 x 10 is enough.

Make your sim plant 1 or more cheese, egg, steak, burger patty, plasma fruit and carrot. Add 2 or 3 crystal plants on the lot with the buydebug cheat. Make your sim harvest the crystal plants, and plant at least 5 crystals. This step with crystal plants is necessary, because crystal plants created with buydebug are sometimes glitched and impossible to harvest without getting stuck. Use buydebug to add all the remaining plants on the lot.

For the next step, use DebugEnabler to help your young plants grow. Click the plant, and under the NRaas menu, choose DebugEnabler – Debug : next growth state. Do it as many times as necessary until the plant reaches maturity.

Now, use DebugEnabler again to set your plant’s quality. Because who wants normal plants when you can have perfect ones without having to do any kind of work ? Click on your plant, and in DebugEnabler menu, choose Set quality. Choose perfect… Unless if you want to choose putrid, do whatever you want in your game, you’re the boss after all.

Now it’s time to build the rest of your garden as you like. Save your garden in your library, place it where you want and set it as a community lot type of your choice.

One last thing : to revive your death flower plant once your sims have harvested it on community lots, use DebugEnabler again : Debug : plant life – alive. And if your plants are getting stuck in (un)harvestable state after Winter, use Debug : next growth state. This also can help harvesting death flowers multiple times.

Why bother creating a garden with a fairy when DebugEnabler is the best fairy in the world ? Thanks Twallan !

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